About Us

A Bit Of History


The Crous Brothers ( Kobus, David & Riaan) have been farming since 1995 with their dad Viljee in the Kroonstad, Steynsrus & Thabazimbi area. They are experts in mixed crop farming, however decided to expand their farm on the 12500-hectare land to use the land that they had for wildlife breeding.

About The Property


Originally 12-15 hectare camps with game fencing was used as grazing for the game herds. They later realized that these camps proved to be too small. New larger camps were erected (between 40-50 hectares) to help with game breeding. This ensures that they are kept in the most natural way as possible

Managing The Farm


Their are barely any semi-intensive farmers in the Free state. We realized from the beginning that we had to plan & manage the game farm extremely well. The cold winters and lack of protective trees seemed ominous. Little did we realize that this would prove to be one of our greatest assets for the farm.


We started dreaming about grasslands with calves running freely years ago in the Free state and now that dream has become a reality. With the Zambian and Matetsi Sables that were bred on the farm, other species could be acquired, like Buffalo and Nyala.

With the same principles, managing practices, love for animals and pleasure we get out of breeding them, our first Golden Oryx was purchased in 2008. Passion and commitment to the animals later led us as brothers to further acquire Rhino, Black Impala, Saddleback Impala, Golden Wildebeest, Golden Gemsbok, Lion and much more…

Today, with over 60 breeding camps where species flourish, we still realize what a privilege it is to be able to farm with our game and give all honor to God for the blessing and grace He has bestowed upon us.


Dr. Louis Greef, a well-known veterinarian from Thabazimbi, was involved from day one in the care and well-being of our animals.

According to Dr. Greef the area is very low in parasites, sicknesses and injuries thanks to the cold winters and few trees. The animals can easily be managed, seen and followed on the farm

Dr JW Eksteen has explored most African Wildlife Parks. As a partner in Kroonstad Animal Hospital, a well equipped six vet practise, its a privilege to be involved with the Crous Brothers farming developments over the past decade.
Wildlife farming is a speciality of the Agricultural industry in South
Africa that must be cherished and protected. Private ownership of many
wildlife including the Black and White Rhino are unique to SA and their
conservation are part of our legacy.
The Crous Brothers are a role model for optimum game farming. With optimal
land use, management and optimum breeding stock forming the base to deliver
an optimal product to the ever growing Game industry.